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So I’ve been watching a lot of Political Animals and it got me thinking about how people involved in politics are all cheaters and liars. I am of course referring to the men of the series who all cheat on their wives/fiancees. What shocked me the most was when Douglas cheated on his fiancee. It got me thinking though, what goes through someone’s mind when they cheat? Coming from the perspective of the cheater, what would drive one to commit adultery. In the show its easy to see those who sleep with others just to get what they want, others do it out of intoxication, and another reason why they do it is because they get bored of their current relationship. All of which are of course inappropriate reasons to commit adultery, but the partner always wants a reasonable explanation.

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Done! I’m still fixated on hot pink it seems

Done! I’m still fixated on hot pink it seems

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The most beautiful thing I’ve read today by far.

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— Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of One Hundred Years of Solitude  (via wastesparetime)

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Friend : I broke up with him
Me : You did the right thing . he was an asshole
Friend : We are back together
Me : Well done,i am so happy for you , he is such a nice guy.
Anonymous said: Blowjob? or handjob?


full time job with health care benefits

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The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (via bl-ossomed)

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